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From: Carrie Wigal

Subject: For all that can be done with PaperIllusion.

Dear Fellow PaperIllusion Enthusiast,

Having trouble finding any information about this unique product as seen on TV (QVC)? Sure, you may be able to find a few colors in your local home improvement store, but the selection is paltry and the sales staff can't tell you anything more about the product except what's printed on the label.

Doesn't anybody else know how incredible this product is and why haven't I heard more about this product by now? Surely I can't be the only one who has fallen in love with this stuff...why is this product still kept so hush-hush?

There's a HUGE following that LOVES this product as much as you do and I'm helping spread the word!

You are not alone! This product IS awesome and there's so much more that can be done with it than what most retailers will tell you.

Sure it's easy to hang, but that's not the only selling point. Besides a pretty wall application, it's a paneling solution as well, among other problem surface areas. And it's not just for an old coffee table you can't seem to part with? The possibilities are endless!

I personally fell in love with this product in the spring of 2005 and I've been talking about it ever since! Join me as we discuss all that can be done with PaperIllusion. When you subscribe to our free newsletter, Paper It Fun!, you'll enjoy:

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"Paper Illusions is so fun to use. We actually have used it in 5 rooms now and love the look and get so many compliments. We have talked several people into using it. It is so easy and actually fun to do. My daughter and I find it relaxing and rewarding! Try it and you will be hooked." ~ Sheila Brune

"I have been using the various paperillusions wallpaper colors for the last 6 or 7 years. I love them because they look funky and are extremely easy to use, more so than regular wall paper..." ~ Michelle Bowden

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  • Practical tips on how to make the most of this product from those who have actually used it.

Practical Tip

"I found this product and have done two bathrooms, an entry hall, and a formal dining room. Each in a different pattern, each in a different color, and each with a very different look. This product is very forgiving and covers little imperfections with ease. It is very simple to apply and the scraps can be used for room accessories, I covered the mattes on pictures and reframed prints. I even covered the cold air return grates so they would not be so obvious. I really highly recommend this product to anyone who wants a very stylish look that is easy to get."
~ Gerrie Nowak

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All the best,

Carrie Wigal, Editor

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